His Majesty, the Sultan al-Malik al-Nāsiṛ’s in the Protected Dār al-Jund send the victorious al-Mahaṭṭa to accept the brilliant gifts of the ruler of China. The eight-masted ships, called "machuan" or "horse ships," were about 2/3 the size of the baoshan measuring approximately 340 feet by 138 feet. The … Zheng He’s Enormous Treasure Ships Kaushik Patowary Jul 14, 2015 3 comments Between 1405 and 1433, during the Ming era, Chinese Admiral Zheng He, who was also the court eunuch, commanded seven expeditionary voyages as far away as East Africa and Middle East. Standing seven feet tall, China's maritime giant Admiral Zheng He led the world's mightiest fleet, with 300 ships and as many as 30,000 troops under his command. ), Wiesbaden 15.2005, pp.155-176. However, treasure ships were considered luxury ships rather than warships. One English foot is equivalent to 30.48 centimeters. The eight-masted ships, called "machuan" or "horse ships," were about 2/3 the size of the baoshan measuring approximately 340 feet by 138 feet. [2] However other historians have expressed doubts over the dimensions of these treasure ships. The ships also had a balanced rudder which could be raised and lowered, creating additional stability like an extra keel. But two such drydocks measured 64 m (210 feet) wide, considered large enough to build a ship 50 m (166-foot) wide. He led 7 voyages. (The merchants) take with them their wives and concubines. [4], According to the Guoque [zh] (1658), the first voyage consisted of 63 treasure ships crewed by 27,870 men. Zheng He’s armada of 317 ships ranked as the largest in the world until modern times. [3] Xin Yuan'ou, a shipbuilding engineer and professor of the history of science at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, argues on engineering grounds that it is highly unlikely that Zheng He’s treasure ships were 450 ft long, and suggests that they were probably closer to 200–250 ft (61–76 m) in length. [22] These dimensions first appeared in a novel published in 1597, more than a century and a half after Zheng He's voyages. Liangchuan was about 257 feet by 115 feet in size. For the city in Korea, see, Sanbao Taijian Xia Xiyang Ji Tongsu Yanyi, https://gizmodo.com/butt-is-an-actual-unit-of-measurement-1622427091, https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/ton, "Old tomb sheds light on Ming dynasty's voyages", "East China to Rebuild Ship from Ancient Navigator Zheng He", "Construction of ship replica put on hold", "Zheng He: An Investigation into the Plausibility of 450-ft Treasure Ships", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Chinese_treasure_ship&oldid=999856008, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Information. Zheng He Treasure ship model. [22], The contemporary inscription of Zheng He's ships in the Jinghai temple 靜海寺 inscription in Nanjing gives sizes of 2,000 liao (500 tons) and 1,500 liao (275 tons),[6] which are far too low than would be implied by a ship of 444 chi (450 ft). The vessel CMA CGM ZHENG HE (IMO: 9706906, MMSI 215199000) is a Container Ship built in 2015 (6 years old) and currently sailing under the flag of Malta. The two wrote to the Sultan about this, and made him eager for the large amount [of money] that would result if they came. Muscat 14. Cheng completed seven voyages between 1405 and 1433 that took him as … Accra 7. Among them were the legendary treasure ships, the Fuchan warships, patrol boats, horse ships, supply ships, troop transporters and water tankers. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Like many Chinese anchors, these had four flukes set at a sharp angle against the main shaft. [17], On 14 February 1408, 48 treasure ships were ordered from the Ministry of Works in Nanjing. A description of them appears in adventure novel by Luo Maodeng, The Three-Treasure Eunuch’s Travels to the Western Ocean (1597). Search Vessels & … Mogadishu 11. Zheng He Treasure Ship can be rebuilt at the Shipyard Bossin any of the following locations: 1. The park is the excavation of three of the six docks that made up the Longjiang Shipyard where Zheng He's ships were built. [8], There are no sources for number of ships or men for the fifth and sixth voyages. Bombay 16. For ease of comparison, the measurements below are given in English feet. As such, they lacked the fuchuan's raised platforms or extended planks used for battle.[36]. Mamluk historian Ibn Taghribirdi (1411-1470) writes: Shawwāl 22 [21 June A.D. 1432]. The stern had two 2.5 m (8 foot) iron anchors weighing over a thousand pounds each, used for mooring offshore. [28], Modern scholars have argued on engineering grounds that it is highly unlikely that Zheng He's ship was 140 metres (460 ft) in length, Guan Jincheng (1947) proposed a much more modest size of 20 zhang long by 2.4 zhang wide (204 ft by 25.5 ft or 62.2 m by 7.8 m)[29] while Xin Yuan'ou (2002) put them as 61–76 m (200–250 feet) in length. Finally, the small, five-masted warships or "zhanchuan," each about 165 feet long, were designed to be maneuverable in battle. As such the first fleet would have been around 250 ships including the treasure ships. South China and Maritime Asia. [16], The most contemporary accounts of the treasure ships come from the Taizong Shilu, which contains 24 notices from 1403 to 1419 for the construction of ships at several locations. Sally K.Church: The Colossal Ships of Zheng He - Image or Reality? [5] A Zheng He era inscription in the Jinghai Temple in Nanjing gave the size of Zheng He ships in 1405 as 2,000 liao (500 tons), but did not give the number of ships. Ancient accounts of these ships, also called Treasure Ships, defy the imagination regarding their size. [37] However, the copy was still under construction in Nanjing in 2010. Photo of CMA CGM ZHENG HE (Container ship, IMO: 9706906, MMSI: 215199000, Callsign: 9HA5009, Flag: Malta, Photo-ID: 3076037) taken by PW1304. For I tell you that they take lime, and hemp chopped small, and they pound it all together, mixed with an oil from a tree. Stockholm 4. Filter the results based on the photo properties. As a single tree trunk would not be large enough in diameter to support such mast, multiple timbers would need to be combined at the base as well. No evidence that China had the type of joining materials necessary to accomplish these tasks. [20], According to Luo Maodeng [zh]'s novel Sanbao Taijian Xia Xiyang Ji Tongsu Yanyi (1597), the treasure fleet consisted of several distinct classes of ships:[17], Edward L. Dreyer claims that Luo Maodeng's novel is unsuitable as historical evidence. But the Zheng He actually isn't the first such ship mentioned in the series. Zheng He's Smaller Ships Along with dozens of baoshan, each armada included hundreds of smaller ships. The vessel is en route to the port of Rotterdam, and expected to arrive there on Jan 5, 18:00.. Amazingly, this enormous fleet consisted of 62 Capitol Ships and 238 smaller ships with a crew compliment of 27,800 officers and men. Saved from images.search.yahoo.com. There seems to be disagreement among scholars about the factual accuracy and correct interpretation of accounts of the treasure ship. In real life, Zheng He was a 15th-century Chinese mariner and fleet admiral. It was accompanied by the Qādi Wajīh al-Dīn ʿAbd al-Rahman b. Jumay. The USS Zheng He was a 24th century Federation Inquiry -class starship operated by Starfleet. (PIC: " Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2 ") [7] The Jinghai Temple inscription gave the ship dimensions in 1409 as 1500 liao (375 tons). Suez 13. ", He dispatched to him wild animals and splendid sultanic robes, an abundant quality, and ordered him to be escorted to the city of Aden.[9]. Only recently have the Chinese begun to celebrate the historic exploits of Zheng He and his impressive armada. The sight of these enormous ships appearing on the horizon one by one must have been truly incredible for the people all along the Indian Ocean's rim and would have enhanced Ming China's prestige immeasurably. in: Claudine Salmon (eds. Reykjavik 5. It reports the arrival of Chinese ships in 1419, 1423, and 1432, which approximately correspond to Zheng He's fifth, sixth, and seventh voyages. All of Zheng He’s ships were destroyed along with most of the records of the seven voyages. Dr. Kallie Szczepanski is a history teacher specializing in Asian history and culture. This page was last edited on 12 January 2021, at 08:29. Cape Town 9. The most grandiose claims for Zheng He's 1405 fleet are entirely based on a calculation derived from an account written three centuries later and were accepted as fact by one modern writer but rejected by most naval experts: ( STO - Agents of Yesterday mission : " In the Shadow of Cestus ") In the year 2399 , Zheng He and a squadron of sister ships was sent to intervene at the planet Coppelius after retired Admiral Jean-Luc Picard made a priority request for Starfleet and Federation involvement. Semaran… Roderich Ptak, Thomas Höllmann. Along with their horses, rice, drinking water, and trade goods, that number of people required a staggering amount of room aboard the ship. Although the exact length of a zhang and chi has varied over time, the Ming chi was probably about 12.2 inches (31.1 centimeters) according to Edward Dreyer. Photos of ZHENG HE (MMSI: 253261000) Browse and rate photos uploaded by our community. [30], A 71.1-metre (233.3 ft) copy of a treasure ship was announced in 2006 to be completed in time for the 2008 Olympic Games. The number 4 was an auspicious association for treasure ships. The great explorer. Treasure ships also used floating anchors cast off the sides of the ship in order to increase stability. Interesting Naval History About 80 years before Columbus, Zheng He conducted a 27-year voyage of discovery. The sails of these vessels are made of strips of bamboo, woven into the form of matting. [6], Alongside the treasures were also another 255 ships according to the Shuyu Zhouzilu [zh] (1520), giving the combined fleet of the first voyage a total of 317 ships. ibn-Majid, which was also a Curiosity-class starship. According to Chinese sources Zheng He commanded 70 fleets with 300 ships or more and a 30,000 strong crew. When the ships cast anchor, the sails are left standing in the wind...These vessels are nowhere made except in the city of Zaytong (Quanzhou) in China, or at Sin-Kilan, which is the same as Sin al-Sin (Guangdong).This is the manner after which they are made; two (parallel) walls of very thick wooden (planking) are raised, and across the space between them are placed very thick planks (the bulkheads) secured longitudinally and transversely by means of large nails, each three ells in length. The most contemporary non-Chinese record of the expeditions is an untitled and anonymous annalistic account of the then-ruling Rasūlid dynasty of Yemen, compiled in the years 1439-1440. And with this thing they smear their ships, and this is worth quite as much as pitch.Moreover I tell you that these ships want some 300 sailors, some 200, some 150, some more, some fewer, according as the ships are larger and smaller.They also carry a much greater burden than ours. Extant records show that another 48 were ordered in 1408, plus 41 more in 1419, along with 185 smaller ships throughout that time. [4] Xin’s main reasons for concluding that the ships could not have been this size are: From the comments of modern scholars on Medieval Chinese accounts and reports, it is apparent that a ship had a natural limit to her size, going beyond, would have made her structurally unsafe as well as causing a considerable loss of manoeuvrability, something the Spanish Armada ships famously experienced. [30][31], One explanation for the colossal size of the 44 largest Zhang treasure ships, if in fact built, was that they were only for a display of imperial power by the emperor and imperial bureaucrats on the Yangtze River when on court business, including when reviewing Zheng He's actual expedition fleet. However, the addition of 255 ships is a case of double accounting according to Edward L. Dreyer, who notes that the Taizong Shilu does not distinguish the order of 250 ships from the treasure ships. Treasure ships were the largest vessels in Zheng He’s fleet. Why Did Ming China Stop Sending out the Treasure Fleet? This is the only contemporary account containing references to both treasure ships and a specific place of construction. Admiral Zheng He (aka Cheng Ho, c. 1371-1433 CE) was a Chinese Muslim eunuch explorer who was sent by the Ming dynasty emperor Yongle (r. 1403-1424 CE) on seven diplomatic missions to increase trade and secure tribute from foreign powers. Hamburg 2. This would give burthen of 500 tons and a displacement tonnage of about 800 tons.[31][27]. [25], The inscription on the tomb of Hong Bao, an official in Zheng He's fleet, mentions the construction of a 5,000 liao displacement ship,[26] and taking the liao to be 500 lbs,[27] that would be 1,250 tons displacement or around 750 tons burden. The Yangtze River, with its calmer waters, may have been navigable for such large but unseaworthy ships. Though tiny compared with the baochuan, the zhanchuan were more than twice as long as Christopher Columbus's flagship, the Santa Maria. About 80 years before Columbus, Zheng He conducted a 27-year voyage of discovery. The eight-masted ships, called "machuan" or "horse ships," were about 2/3 the size of the baoshan measuring approximately 340 feet by 138 feet. [24] Louise Levathes estimating that it had a maximum size of 110–124 m (390–408 feet) long and 49–51 m (160–166 feet) wide instead, taking 1 chi as 10.53-11.037 inches. Along with dozens of baoshan, each armada included hundreds of smaller ships. This means the Curiosity-class has been in service for at least 9 years; Rios left Starfleet in 2390, nearly a decade before Star Trek: Picard 's main story set in 2399. Several of these 'misriya' contain cupboards and other conveniences; they have doors which can be locked, and keys for their occupiers. 444 chi in length, and had a beam of 18 zhang. The captains of these two junks wrote to the Sharīf Barakāt ibn Hasan ibn ʿAjlān, emir of Mecca, and to Saʾd al-Dīn Ibrāhīm ibn al-Marra, controller of Judda [Jeddah], asking permission to come to Judda. Chen Zuyi pretended to surrender to Zheng He, but turned upon the Treasure Fleet and tried to plunder it. [5], According to the Xingcha Shenglan (1436), the third voyage consisted of 48 treasure ships, not including other ships. The other reason was that Zheng He traveled with an estimated 27,000 to 28,000 sailors, marines, translators and other crew members. With the benefit of modern technology it would be difficult to manufacture a wooden ship of 10,000 tons, let alone one that was 1.5-2 times that size. Lars Plougmann 12y. Dakar 6. A replica of a ship used by Ming Dynasty eunuch explorer Cheng Ho, also known as Zheng He, is under construction at a park in Nanjing, eastern China's Jiangsu Province, August 29, 2006. Xin Yuan'ou, professor of the history of science at Shanghai Jiaotong University, argued that Zheng He’s ships could not have been as large as recorded in the History of Ming. And after they have pounded them well, these three things together, I tell you that it becomes sticky and holds like birdlime. Some of the ships in the treasure fleet, but not the treasure ships, were built in Fujian, where the chi was 10.4 to 11 inches. [23], The zhang was fixed at 141 inches in the 19th century, making the chi 14.1 inches. Aden 12. In 1962, a large rudderpost indicating a rudder area of 452 square feet was unearthed at the Longjiang Shipyard.