Also not a fan of Lee Seung-gis acting. go ahead synonyms, go ahead pronunciation, go ahead translation, English dictionary definition of go ahead. The action scenes are good. I prefer Ha Ji-won to be his partner :) miss their tandem ! It's 2019 already and ppl who didn't know what role is or even confused between drama and reality still exist. Throne of Glass is a popular series with Kingdom of Ash, the final installment of the seven-book series due for release on the 23rd of October 2018. Ysf Dec 01 2020 4:55 am for that specific day according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson. I need to spoil that prologue in episode 1 with my assumption that they both have become Hollywood actors as what Dal Geon's nephew wanted him to be. EMPRESSUNNY Feb 24 2019 9:19 am will definitely be fun. It leaves me with an impression, "I hope Cha and Hae-ri can find a way to take down Edward together". as there was no proper ending, I'm from the UK and discovered K dramas after signing up to Netflix, Mehmet Jul 12 2020 6:54 am Superb action scenes BTW!! Elsa Sep 20 2019 8:22 am Hwayugi ending was such a disappoinment. Reuven Mar 14 2020 6:48 pm 1. kids were involved and they died in an unfortunate incident. 10/10 Kdrama. Let's not let it ended up draggy and political. Karls May 17 2018 7:32 am But logically, the video are all on cloud which if I think they can just hack it rather burglarizing his room. They still got mood for playing Go. The flow is slow. You can’t leave me hanging like that!!!!! When it comes to anime series, you can find huge numbers that are available across the internet. If Hoon was born in 2000 (as his ID shows) and he is 11 when the plane crashes, it is set in 2011 ?‍♀️, Real-lisa Dec 05 2019 7:16 am If I was him, n Don’t tell me I have not warned you about the ending when you watch it. Bae suzy - NIS agent. Syafikah Dec 31 2018 7:49 am I watched his recent drama hwayugi and I can't wait for his new drama and now this news happened wow I'm beyond happy. Sooooo excited for this drama - Lee Seung GI and Shin Sung Rok, yay!!! Primary Details Cover Image Related Titles Cast Crew Genres Tags Release Information Services External Links ... Go Ahead Episode 41. Obviously part 2 was intended as the story is incomplete, I wonder why it was canned, Covid 19 perhaps? Yes we wait for season 2 announcement. Vagabond, I'm rooting you all. And with 32 episodes there is a high chance of dragging the plot and periods of stagnancy. Afsal Jan 28 2020 7:39 pm For all, in my opinion, Dalgeun has more agent character instinct rather than Haeri. ratna Nov 04 2019 1:08 am I hope there is season 2 if not then this drama is not worth watching it. Suzy did very well for Go HaeRi role. Hulugal23 Oct 26 2019 4:05 pm I am so sad because I though this drama was going to air in May. no no plssss. - Prime Minister i hope suzy's character is really badass a strong independent woman who doesn't need a guy to always save her im tired of that kind of characters we need more women empowerment in kdramas. I think Cha Dal Geon's attributes go well with his character. Watching this make me want to kill the senior secretary( idont even bother to remember his name), jessica,and that go haeri leader who is a fcking bastard. My La Mar 01 2019 9:57 pm I expected much ruthless cover up since the president involved with it. I read an online article that said, “Vagabond” cast and crew never discussed the possibility of a second season when promoting the drama ahead of its start. I just watched episode 15, but after seeing and reading any comments how the drama ends, everyone was dissatisfied from the end of story, so I was too lazy to continue watching it, why now many dramas don’t produce a satisfying ending..? Gohaeri Oct 09 2019 1:03 pm There has a to be a season two. so disappointed. So whats next? This was an amazing drama! they would halt whatever drama it is just to watch baseball matches especially if its against an international team, that's how koreans are, very patriotic even when it comes to sports. Every episode is EPIC and INTENSE! I believe in any movie Lee Seung GI stars in would be a success. Omg I didn't expect it. Actually, I hate watch on going drama. Every Marvel Movie and Disney+ Show Release Date Until 2022; ... Go Ahead and Run November 22, 2020. Never a dull moment. this drama is a good contender for drama of the year with all the action and production value. Actually, I drop Vagabond for another drama few weeks ago but I'm starting to watch it again for the sake of my own curiosity. Alana Oct 18 2019 6:45 am Very nice! If they could control when and how it was shown then why were there 3 delays in eps. The dialogue are boring. It's like watching korean Jason Bourne series. Wien Dec 31 2019 4:07 am Ending is terrible otherwise. Suzy maybe after this you try Lee Seung Gi !! Rouge Jun 19 2018 10:43 am LSG pro and con in this drama is that he's wild card like when he pull the trigger even if the gun wasn't loaded WTF why? It's interesting, thrilling and exciting. So, in this video I am going to give you guys the release date and time of Quintessential Quintuplets Season 2 Episode 3. Its should be 80% , what's rong with people in Korea, Actually Lee Seung-Gi acting is improve . its mega hit confirmed! Urmila Jun 05 2018 6:32 am The action, the comedy, the acting and the little bit romance. ?? She is indeed beautiful, and a hard working person. For the family of crash plane, why should they gather them in creepy room for physiological healing like in small, dark, with the so many written paper on the wall to with the sympathetic stament which make them even sad. This is a great drama, all the actors have very good acting. wow its really good, the teaser looks promising seriously, i will anticipating this drama fighting for the team and the cast. need second season with some fresh story line and cast, Sama Aug 29 2020 10:06 am Cheri Nov 03 2019 8:19 pm Lee Seung Gi, once again you proved you are the best of the best. Its not a safe house even lol. Season 2 Onways !! Shell Nov 03 2019 11:15 pm I need season 2. But what to do, he has Master in the House and the upcoming Produce 48. Omgomgomg! I hate the ending. Ptt May 08 2018 4:03 am She improved a lot. support the actors and the movie. @christine , I think second loophole was not actually a loophole as I think someone else came first to take the video and aftet that the man came . Yall better stop playing with viewers.. Dewiii Nov 23 2019 2:38 pm Go Hae-Ri (Bae Suzy) is an NIS agent and is currently working undercover at the Korean embassy in Morocco. Adhityo Nov 03 2019 8:39 pm So, we'll meet seunggi's great acting again, Coolgirl Feb 24 2018 4:20 am if so I am the most excited human being ever ㅋㅋ. dee May 09 2018 10:24 am Will there be season ? So useless. I think I'm the only one who felt disappointed But if its really the case , I would love to see suzy's other side . Congrats SBS and Netflix! It looks so good. Every episode are dull moment the action great.its like watching a movie or american series...vagabond is one of the best tv series action,all cast are great.congrats to the producer,director and from staff to crew....????????????????? Watching because of Suzy but damn they don't do much for her. So excited for this! CHICKEN BULLET Oct 19 2019 10:56 am Not good at all for these scenes..the rest are okay. gotta be u Dec 10 2018 11:23 pm I liked it and I do hope there is another season because as it has been said to many unresolved issues. Asha Oct 19 2019 7:40 pm Phew.. by far one of the best, hopefully it won't disappoint. @wusback there are still 3 episodes left.. wusback Nov 06 2019 3:19 am Makes its so frustrating to watch. I am gonna give an honest review of this drama. Kdrama-fan Nov 02 2019 10:11 pm if you haven't watch it, don't start until there's confirmation of season 2. because this drama is so addicting but at the end, it just unfinished. So, Dear Script writer; make them love eachother more intimately and open in season 2 ! i dont care who's person suzy will end up to but all i wish is her happiness and for people to stop judging her personal life and decision. In this drama I can't trust anyone. Mrs R Oct 19 2019 9:31 am i just can't take her seriously whenever shes on screen. Syahizwa Nov 26 2019 9:42 am Jang hyeok- Jin is always so brilliant in whatever he does. The secretary and also the NIS man? SEASON 2 is a must!!!!! Seunggi was amazing actor. FROM the 1st episide untill now never had any chancec to give viewer to get bored. Zintia Sep 28 2019 11:33 pm and I'm so frustrated with every episode's cliffhanger-- it's torture to wait for 7 days just to watch the next ep! First with Memories of the Alhambra then Arthdal Chronicles and now Vagabond. The're airing two 30 mins eps in a day so 4 eps per week. juju Jan 21 2019 8:26 pm I have been waiting for this news so desperately. Killervibe Oct 02 2019 5:27 pm LSG going against a team of bad guys shooting at him and not one scratch on him. However, I love the dialogue between Haeri and Dal Gun. Go-toubun no Hanayome ∬The Quintessential Quintuplets Season 2 Episode 1 will be released today. Gu Family Book season 2 ... excited bruhh seung gi as lovable as he's ever been, the entire cast is great, the production is a+, action sequences are a++, the story is easy to follow but not too predictable. I also don't get people why are complaining that this drama has not enough romance its really refreshing to see that the romance are subtle I mean do they also have to kiss every scene to call it a romance. Im sure after this the fans of gu family book gonna make alot of videws like it was gu family book part. For those scrolling comments to ensure themself either you should watch Vagabond or not, you should. I only subscribed to Netflix because of Lee Seung Gi and his new drama. Of course, we could argue he lost his nephew. hyeong Dec 31 2018 1:00 am The ending can make you feel unsatisfied but I think it has potential to open up to another season (Im hoping). I fell in love with Suzy and LSG on this drama. Yesenia Feb 13 2019 8:01 am Oh i love this drama. Aka Sep 28 2019 11:03 pm Yura Dec 30 2019 8:58 pm Can't wait??? steph Nov 23 2019 1:38 pm and the drama isn't solely made by netflix because if it was you would have seen the whole episodes in one day just like the drama Kingdom so yeah, the drama will follow the tv station's schedule. If I’m not wrong this drama was suppose to end this week. I'm just sour that she gets tagged in with the actors that recently did extremely well and know that the audience is anticipating their dramas. Snowllae Nov 16 2019 12:07 pm i cant wait for this drama What an imbecile buffoon! I don’t think he’s as innocent as he wants us to believe. I'm gonna die out of curiosity here! The scenes of chasing after the guy who sabotaged the plan and the accomplice were so shaky (epi 1 & 2). A. E Jul 03 2019 2:14 pm I don’t understand. It would be an absolute travesty if there is no season two. Suzy looks so damm pretty at the memorial crying scene, Bebe Nov 09 2019 8:10 pm He delivered his character perfectly. Netflix is a distributor Nov 24 2019 12:07 am Its2amlove Apr 07 2019 11:16 pm I need Vagabond 2. But at least the ending in Vagabond was dynamic and left one with a sense of continuity as to what the protagonist would do in order to keep working for justice. Not even asking a lovely dicey least get those bastards behind the bars. If he gets the opportunity, i hope he debuts for Hollywood. feyreaverly Feb 07 2019 8:47 pm The drama is too good to be ending like that I just looked online and find no indication at all that the actors have contracted for a second season, or that a second season is in production, or even planned. Definitely need a season 2! For lead female i hope park shin hye or Seol In Ah or Seolhyun. At first, I didn't really pay attention to Vagabond because the rating is not that high. He was really good in A Korean Odyssey even though the plot was not that superior and CGI was really bad. Edward Park's secretary Miki/Mickey (Ryu Won) is so pretty and badass haha. FZ Dec 08 2019 1:13 am anticipating this one for sure! This movie is my favorite as in I love it so so so much Suzy was here in Morocco?? It’s nice to see Bae Suzy with a masculine macho man Lee Sheung gi. banana Oct 29 2019 12:08 pm Kdrama-fan Nov 02 2019 10:15 pm clearly overshadowed all other characters, Nilusha A Nov 23 2019 11:32 am Learn more. Only here for SLG. you want every people look perfect just produce your own drama ... Unpopularopinion Oct 04 2019 5:33 am Saw a little bit character development from Go Hae ri. I hope seunggi will accept this drama. His character is a little dumb and frustrating but understanding, honestly. ?? so excited for this one!! What just happened ? I am not even sure what to expect from the end...I mean like TH? Alright, not in a million years I'll be believe those 2 girls (Suzy and her friend) are NIS agents. Seli May 09 2018 6:08 am Maely Jul 04 2019 9:33 am Davod Oct 13 2019 1:28 am This is banger ? why ? Ireneshei Nov 25 2019 2:54 am huft.. Will there be kiss scene with our two heroes? Ladybear Oct 05 2019 10:42 am XiaoRishu Dec 22 2018 2:06 pm The delays really make the drama feel anticlimax. That's a bit boring because their mostly talking about politics on the previous episodes and the three of lead cast has a little scene, but on the latest eps it's become interesting... With Oct 16 2019 10:01 pm they literally spoiled the ending from the start of the show and we all just overlooked it. Wtf they gave my lee seungi oppa so many antagonist to deal with not fair. They chose a great group of cast for this brilliant production. This drama is produced by the company she is signed to, I know they just had a drama together but I'm just so greedy <3, Dooley Mar 05 2018 2:28 am i dont know if you guys noticed, but i feel like the whole plane accident is sort of a representation of the sewol ferry incident. Don't get me wrong, it still a great drama. Your voice is good and different. Melting Me Softly and When Camellia Blooms are just a snoozefest but Vagabond is never boring! got love Dec 14 2018 8:07 am Levender Dec 11 2019 2:25 pm It's truly a must watch. Season 2, please! Ladybear Sep 28 2019 11:03 am I hope Lee Seung Gi and Oh Yeon Seo will be the leads but as long as it is Lee Seung Gi I will definitely gonna watch it.. The trailer had me in the first 20 seconds!!! I miss gu family book. //

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